Summer Stone


One of our most popular stones, Summerstone is a whiter coloured quartz than rainbow stone and has many uses. Summerstone can be used as a decorative mulch, in pathways and exposed aggregate applications.

  • Summerstone is a premium, decorative stone made from multi-coloured quartz.
  • It is a lighter colourway of the Rainbow Rock.


Common Uses

  • As a decorative ground cover or along feature pathways. Especially good for small/difficult areas such as edging or the sides of driveways.
  • In feature plant pots and water features.
  • In exposed aggregate applications.
  • In between pavers, in garden beds and along fence lines.



  • Ideal as a ground cover in windswept areas and verges with heavy foot traffic.
  • Controls and suppresses weed growth.
  • Allows water to penetrate evenly, allowing moisture to reach all sections of your garden soil.
  • Helps retain soil moisture – especially during hot, dry summers.
  • Protects your soil from erosion.
  • Reduces evaporation of water from the soil.
  • A great inorganic alternative to mulch as it does not degrade over time.



  • If you are planning on using Summerstone as a stone mulch, we recommend laying a weed mat down first.

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Summer Stone

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