Metal Cracker Dust


Cracker Dust, also known as Crusher Dust, Blue Metal Dust, or Decomposed Granite, is a finely crushed material derived from local granite quarries. It undergoes screening to ensure particle sizes are less than 2mm.

Commonly used as a base for synthetic lawns or paving, Cracker Dust provides a firm foundation that surpasses Brickies Sand in stability. It can be easily screeded and compacted, making it ideal for such projects. Additionally, it is suitable for trench bases and packing around drainage pipes.

For optimal results in artificial lawns or paving, we recommend spreading a minimum coverage of 100mm. This will create a solid and reliable foundation.

However, it is important to note that Cracker Dust is not suitable for vehicle traffic or driveways, unless applied under paving. For driveways, we offer a superior alternative called Blue Metal Road Base. Specifically designed to meet Australian Main Roads Standards, Blue Metal Road Base is ideal for driveways. For trafficable artificial lawns, we recommend spreading Blue Metal Road Base at a thickness of 100mm, followed by a 20mm layer of 2mm Crusher Dust for screeding purposes.

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Metal Cracker Dust

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