Soil Conditioner


Our Soil Conditioner is expertly formulated to enrich and rejuvenate your garden beds, blending composted pig and chicken manure with added peat, a wetting agent, and wood fines. This premium mix is designed to enhance the nutrient profile of your existing soil, making it perfect for blending and building up garden beds. The inclusion of wood fines increases water retention, ensuring your plants stay hydrated, while the wetting agent guarantees even moisture distribution throughout the soil.

Specially crafted to improve soil structure and fertility, this conditioner is ideal for gardeners looking to boost their soil’s health and support vibrant plant growth.

Product Benefits:

  • Enriches soil with essential nutrients from composted pig and chicken manure
  • Added peat to aid in soil structure and nutrient retention
  • Includes a wetting agent for improved water distribution and retention
  • Wood fines increase water retention, helping to condition the soil and promote healthy root development

Perfect for gardeners aiming to enhance the vitality and productivity of their garden beds, our Soil Conditioner provides a comprehensive solution for soil improvement and plant nourishment.

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Soil Conditioner